The only part of your car that contacts the road, yet often the most neglected – Riemans offer expert tyre advise and fitting with our state of the art Hunter equipment.

Four patches of rubber about the size of a postcard – the only parts of your car in contact with the road that are responsible for so much – are often the most overlooked part of a car.

It’s unsurprising however considering the myriad of choices when it comes to choosing what tyres to fit to your car. Premium, quality and budget brands. Summer, winter or all-season tyres. Manufacturer homologated tyres. Run flat or standard? Load and speed ratings. The list goes on.

Take the stress out of it all and contact Riemans for expert, impartial advise by Michelin trained fitters.  We have the knowledge and expertise to discuss your requirements and will recommend a tyre we feel best suited to your needs. And when the decision is made, our state of the art Hunter equipment makes fitting whatever tyre you choose a formality.


Wheel balance is absolutely crucial at all times on a car – not just when new tyres are fitted.  If you are experiencing a vibration in your car there’s every chance your wheels are out of balance.  If you’ve just had tyres fitted, it’s likely that your wheels haven’t been balanced correctly.

Unbalanced wheels not only cause ride discomfort and annoyance such a vibrating steering wheel, but also accelerate the wear on your wheel bearings and suspension components.

Our Hunter Smart Weight balancer is calibrated weekly, and always set to its most accurate setting. The wheel will not come off the machine until a perfect balance is achieved; and being a Smart Weight machine, awkward wheel designs such as those with particularly deep faces don’t cause it any problems whatsoever.

So to ensure a perfect fit – make Riemans your first port of call.

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