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Keeping your vehicle air conditioning system maintained is a relatively straightforward process; and whilst it has no impact on the roadworthiness of a vehicle, overlooking the maintenance of the system can lead to costly repairs or even health problems.

One of the easiest ways to maintain your air conditioning is to use it regularly. In fact we’d recommend leaving it on at all year round. Many people think that air conditioning cools the air – in fact it dries the air – which aside from its obvious benefits in summer also makes it more effective at demisting your car in the winter too.

If the system isn’t used regularly moisture can build up in the pipes and vents which encourages mould, fungus and bacteria to grow. This can lead to the system smelling like old socks, and can even cause sore throats and headaches.

The refrigerant in the system will normally leak out at about 10% per annum through natural wastage. Not using the system regularly prevents the system lubricant being circulated and causes the refrigerant to leak out faster than usual as the seals will dry out.

Our air conditioning system service ensures your system is working as efficiently as possible. We extract any refrigerant from the system and then carry out a pressure test to check for leaks. If the test is passed, we recharge the system with the correct weight of refrigerant having also injected some system oil to keep components lubricated and UV dye to aid diagnosis in the future should a leak occur. If test is failed, we will investigate the cause of the leak and estimate for repairs. During the service all hoses and components will be inspected, and any debris will be removed from the condenser fins.

For optimum efficiency we also recommend the replacement of the receiver drier or filter.


We can supply and fit a wide range of towing solutions to any vehicle that can accept them. From original equipment fitments to quality brands such as Westfalia and Bosal, we can ensure you get the right tow bar for your needs.

If you opt for a removable style of tow bar and your bumper requires cutting to accept installation, our body shop can supply and paint the panel that covers the gap when the tow bar is not is use.

We can supply both single and double electrics, and wire these to take into account any existing car systems, such as rear parking sensors and fog lights.


Many people don’t think trailers (including horse boxes) need any maintenance. They just keep going. But are you sure the brakes actually work on your trailer? When was the last time anybody checked that the lights on the tail board were still working or greased the tow hitch?

We can inspect, maintain and repair your trailer just like we can your vehicle. And just like your vehicle too, we can also collect and redeliver your trailer if you require.


It’s unusual these days for cars to come without most of the technology you may require. Even the cheapest cars on the market now seem to be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary inputs for portable media devices. If however your car is not equipped with such items, we can supply and fit them for you. These include but are not limited to:

  • Stereos and media centres
  • Navigation units
  • Phone kits
  • Parking sensors
  • Auxiliary lighting
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